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"Where do I find our latest assets?"

Fastest way for sales reps to find sales content

Powerful search and advanced filtering combined with a folder less storage empowers your sales reps to find documents when they most need it.

"Is my prospect engaged?"

Easiest way to know who is engaged

Get notified when the document you shared is viewed. When your document is viewed you get to know when was the file viewed, which pages were viewed, and the time spent per page.

"What content is working best?"

Simplest way to know which content is working

For every content, get to know how it was used and how it engaged. Use KPIs like page views, engage time and total shares to unearth the most engaging content. Use these insights to prune your repository and create impactful ones.

Built to deliver intuitive user experience

Content management

Upload and tag sales content. Collaborate with team mates. Update versions. Use content search and advanced filters to find documents.

Buyer engagement

Get instant notifications when prospects visit your document. Use insights like pages viewed & time spent  to plan your next outreach.

Content analytics

Use KPIs like links created, visits, and engagement time to identify high performing content. Identify and remove under performing ones.

Sales reps and founders across the globe start their day with LIFEX Portal

LIFEX Portal has changed the way we plan our outreach. We now know who are most engaged prospects are. It has helped us move more leads into our sales funnel

Chief growth officer

Edge platform company

We brought in LIFEX Portal when we decided to double our efforts on growth. Knowing who is more engaged helped us target the right prospects.

Sales leader

Industrial automation company

Reduce your sales cycles, and close more deals.

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